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Car Insurance for Women:  Reasons Why Women Have Lower Rate Insurance Premiums


Many are asking why women have lower car insurance premiums than men when they are not as skilled as male drivers.  Since they are not skilled as male drivers, they are more prone to car accidents compared to their male counterpart.  But based on statistics, this connotation is not reliable and has proven wrong.  Most car insurance company offers a lower rate when it comes to women’s insurance premium because they know for sure that there are lesser accidents involving women drivers.  Women are more cautious and there are fewer claims filed by them than male drivers. Women tend to pass their licensing exams for drivers on their first try than male drivers do.   


Car insurance for women tends to be cheaper than men’s not only they are cautious drivers but they are more obedient when it comes to observing traffic rules and regulations.  This means that even if they meet car accident, there is the possibility that it is not their fault.  Because chances are, it is due to reckless driving of male drivers.  Another reason is that most women are not apt for over speeding and car racing. Most car insurance companies give lower rates for women since they are not a dangerous stake for them.  Women also choose cars that are not too expensive like sports cars or less attention-grabbing cars.  This means that their cars are not hot on thefts.  Remember that expensive cars are also expensive to maintain.  Women should also have to keep their car protected by having security devices because car insurance companies give cheaper rates if their cars are well protected.  

At this point, we do not say that women are far better drivers than men or they are safer than male drivers, but the point is, these things all are based on statistics. So this is to conclude that women are generally cautious drivers than men thus car insurance companies reward them with cheaper car insurance premiums.